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Orthodontics – Aesthetic prostheses – Paediatric care – Periodontology

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Schmitt Dental Practice
Avenue Reverdil 2,
1260 Nyon

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Schmitt Dental Practice

Ruelle de la Repentance 4,

1269 Bassins

Our treatments

At Dentiste Schmitt, our practitioners offer their comprehensive skills and expertise in dentistry to perfect the look and hygiene of your teeth.
At your appointment, we carry out a complete examination of your teeth. Our hygienist helps to build a thorough picture of your oral health.
We can then reflect on this, design and offer you a preventive or curative, personalised treatment plan to suit your needs.
Conscientious and meticulous in our work, we are committed to providing quality care by prioritising the comfort and peace of mind of our patients. During our consultations and when treating our patients, we strictly observe hygiene standards and use state-of-the-art equipment to treat and improve your oral health.
We listen to our patients and take the time to understand their history, their priorities and, occasionally, their fear of the dentist. At Dentiste Schmitt practice, we want to challenge apprehensions about our profession and succeed in treating dental problems gently and painlessly. We adapt and carry out our treatments in an age-appropriate manner.
Discover our practices and the services available:

  • Global dentistry;

  • Conservative dentistry;

  • Regenerative dentistry ;

  • Specialized emergency and dental trauma service;

  • Prosthetics;

  • Orthodontics;

  • Dentofacial orthopedics;

  • Implant surgery;

  • Pediatric care;

  • Periodontology.

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