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Surgery – Orthodontics – Aesthetic prostheses – Paediatric care – Periodontology

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Schmitt Dental Practice
Avenue Reverdil 2,
1260 Nyon

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Schmitt Dental Practice

Ruelle de la Repentance 4,

1269 Bassins

Dentiste Schmitt is a family practice that has been passed down from father to son and offers comprehensive dental care.
The practice meets the strictest and most up-to-date standards of hygiene, digitisation and technology. We are partnered with a dental technician located in nearby Nyon, where any sensitivities will be looked after in providing guaranteed long-lasting aesthetic results.

Become a new patient

You will be offered an initial 45-minute consultation where we will determine and clarify any condition(s) and develop a clear and easy-to-follow treatment plan together using objective data.

Dr. L. Schmitt

Doctor of dental surgery, offering comprehensive dental care

Thank you for your interest and for placing your trust in us. We dedicate our experience, versatility and confidence to you to solve all the aesthetic and/or functional problems you may face, in all dental fields: – Implantology ‘PRF Fellowship’ in regenerative dentistry since 2006 – Orthodontics – Aesthetic prostheses – Paediatric care – Periodontology.


Our dentists and colleagues who are specialised in oral health welcome you to the practice from Monday to Thursday, to provide you with quality care in a kind and welcoming atmosphere.

Our practitioners are trained to gently and confidently perform treatments on children and adults.

We aim to challenge the apprehension that people of all ages experience at the sight of a dentist.To do this, we foster a relationship of trust with each of our patients.

We adapt to your needs and we offer personalised follow-up throughout your treatment plan.

Our team of experts are here to listen to you, discuss your situation and offer potential solutions to putting – or keeping – a smile on your face.

From simple scaling to surgery, you will be given the best dental care, in a clean and sterile setting, with state-of-the-art equipment and by a team that takes care of you.

Fancy visiting our practice for the first time?

The initial consultation with one of our practitioners will take 45 minutes. During this consultation, we will discuss any potential conditions and your dental needs together.

Our expertise allows us to provide you with a complete oral health examination and to make a reliable and rapid diagnosis.

After studying your case, we can offer you effective treatment adapted to your needs.

We are committed to providing care without pain and to offering you maximum comfort during your consultation.

At Dentiste Schmitt practice, we specialise in:

  • Adult general dentistry;

  • Aesthetic dental care;

  • Periodontology;

  • Traumatology.

Place your trust in our team and contact us for more information on our dental care. An assistant will give you all the information you need about our services.

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